Say it Better in English iPad app

Say it Better in English: Get out Your iPad and Improve your English!

Ready to speak better English at work and in your everyday life? This app sayitbetter-icon.pngteaches over 300 English expressions through lively and interactive methods.  

Cartoons show you how each expression is used in real-life situations. Click on the speaker icon and the cartoon comes to life with native speakers. Each expression has two additional usage examples, with audio.
Hear native speakers speak the language as it’s spoken in real life situations! Repeat after them to help you remember the expressions and to improve your pronunciation. This method has helped thousands of busy people improve their English and it can help you too!
Hundreds of original cartoons to help you remember the new expressions:
cart-web3.jpg cart-web4a.jpg

sayitbetter-splash.jpgThis app brings you: 

• Over 300 of today's most common English expressions: these are everyday English and business English expressions you need to know
• Flash card functionality – a great way to test your knowledge
• Ability to create your own customized study set for more effective learning
• Dozens of interactive quizzes to reinforce the material – with immediate feedback & reward icons so you can feel good while you study 
• Many usage examples of each expression

Based on the popular book Say it Better in English by English teacher Marianna Pascal.