Say it Better in English

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Improve your English - learn over 300 American English expressions with Say it Better in English

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The ESL Book that has everybody talking! Now it's also available as an iPad app, complete with audio!

Master hundreds of useful American English expressions — speak better English at work and in your personal life. 

Cartoons show you how each American English expression is used in real-life situations. The cartoon method has helped thousands of busy people who have no time for wordy books or English classes. It can help you too! 

Great for intermediate students looking to improve their English. Ideal for business people interacting with English-speaking professionals. Excellent for TOEFL preparation! 

"This book caught my attention, not only for it's doodle like cover (very fun looking) but also because the title stated that it's for everyday life. I decided to check it out and I couldn't be happier. The book is just what I expected it to be — a fun read, with fun and relatable drawings, plus expressions and examples that you can actually make use of as you walk down the street, talk on the phone or go to the supermarket. I also often hear the expressions on movies so I can tell that they are pretty common. An A+ book! Must read!"  Linda

There are 368 pages packed full of the American English you need to know!

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The method is fast and fun. Each phrase has its own picture followed by two more real-life examples.

Study a page a day from Monday through Friday. Then do the crossword puzzle at the end of the week to check your new knowledge of American English phrases. This system really works!


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Say it Better in English offers a fast and effective way to improve your English:

  • You learn over 300 useful American English phrases one by one
  • Cartoons show the phrases in real-life situations
  • Lots of examples help you remember
  • Exercises help you check your new knowledge


People from all language backgrounds love Say it Better in English

"Say it Better in English is clear, so I learn fast." - Li Zheng 

"I use these phrases at work every day." - Miguel Sanchez 

"I read this book for 3 minutes a day and I learn something useful." - Larisa Petrova

ESL teachers love it too!

"My ESL students really enjoy this book. It's a fun way for them to learn new English phrases in context. They enjoy reading the dialogues and sentences below the cartoons and seeing different ways the phrases can be used. The crossword puzzles are a great way to reinforce the material. Two thumbs up on this new ESL resource!" - Laura Kestler


pascal-photo.jpgAuthor Marianna Pascal has taught English as a Second Language (ESL) in Canada, the USA, Australia, and South East Asia. She currently operates her own language school in Malaysia. In addition to teaching, Marianna, from Montreal, Canada, has developed English language course material for Excel Books and Scholani Educational College in Australia, for ELS Language Centers in Malaysia, and for her own school. Married to a Chinese Malaysian, Marianna has been a presenter at several international language conferences and has published papers on language teaching in educational journals.