Say Goodbye to Your Southern Accent

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Reduce your southern accent

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Is it time to reduce your Southern accent? If you've ever felt self-conscious or stereotyped because you speak with a Southern accent...

If you feel that speaking more neutrally would increase your confidence...

If you feel that reducing your accent would give you a professional edge ...

then this book and CD are the solution for you!

confidence-motivation-positive-icon.jpgSay Goodbye to Your Southern Accent: A Do-it-Yourself Guide to Changing the Way Your Speak provides the insider techniques and tools you need to modify the way you speak. Learn to speak English with a neutral accent.

You are about to see just how easy it is to do, and the results will change your life. It doesn’t matter which Southern state you are from or whether your accent is mild or will see big  results!


review-icon.pngReviews for Say Goodbye to Your Southern Accent

For years I have struggled with sounding less than professional in the business world. I work in investment banking, a world dominated by Wall Street executives who automatically assume you are ignorant if you have a Southern accent. I never said ya'll at work and would do my best to "hide" my true accent. However, the slow manner of speech and drawing out vowels was a dead giveaway. Commentary about my accent was a daily joke. This book was a God-send. It was self-explanatory, easy to follow and I could work on my accent in the privacy of my own home. The results have been nothing short of dramatic. I now sound like the highly-educated woman that I am. This book and cd set has increased my confidence in all settings. It is highly recommended.  Stephanie Maronic, Charlotte, NC 

I have been studying with a voice over coach. Her first suggestion to me was to contact a dialect coach about my southern accent. I didn't realize I had that much of a southern accent. I have no fear of losing my southern accent, which I am fine with, but I want to be able to choose to speak either with a Standard American accent or a southern accent, depending on the context. I did contact the dialect coach, and she was very good and extremely helpful. However, I was looking for a cheaper alternative for my continued progress, so I bought this book...What has been especially helpful about this book is that it points out common southern pronunciations, such as "yer" for "your," etc. -- words I never realized I'd been pronouncing with a southern accent. I also like that the lessons build on each other, and that the CD provides audio examples of the Standard American accent pronunciations. My voice over coach has not complained about my accent lately, so I believe I will get there with continued practice.  Susan Johann, Jacksonville, FL 


Speech-language pathologists Jennifer Adams and Johanna Chapman will guide you through your transformation in the workbook and audio CD. Adams and Chapman have helped thousands of clients reduce their accents and speak with confidence and ease. Say Goodbye to Your Southern Accent brings their effective techniques right to you. They hold Master’s degrees in Speech Language Pathology from the University of Virginia and are certified speech-language pathologists (CCC-SLP). Jennifer and Johanna are co-founders of Atlanta Accent Management, Atlanta’s premier provider of accent reduction services. Their proven methods and techniques have helped thousands of people improve their communication skills and increase their confidence. Their clients have included professionals from major corporations, such as: Cingular, Coca Cola, DuPont, Hyundai, Kimberly Clark Corporation, Lafarge North America, Nokia, SAP, Siemens, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, and Turner Broadcasting.



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