Liven Up Your Latin American Spanish: Idioms and Expressions You Need to Know latinamericanspanish-cover.jpg
Book & Audio CD set 

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Improve your SPANISH with this fabulous book & audio CD!

You won't find many intermediate-advanced Spanish books like this that have audio available. That's why I love it. Highly recommended!! 
— Brett Harris

People across Latin America don’t speak the kind of Spanish you learn from a textbook or hear in most classrooms. They speak real Latin American Spanish – loading their conversations with idioms and expressions. Now you too can use these Spanish expressions and idioms. And understand native speakers when they use them!

Maybe you can already carry on a conversation in Spanish … now get ready to speak fluent Spanish. You'll learn to sprinkle your Spanish with phrases directly from the houses and streets of Latin America.

In this book & CD set, you'll find: 

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