Business English

We offer three books to help you improve your Business English. There'sbusinessenglish-makeasplash.jpg the bestseller Speak Business English Like an American. 

There's Speak Better Business English and Make More Money. This book & audio CD teaches another 300+ important Business English idioms and expressions through realistic business dialogues.

Then there's More Speak English Like an American, which teaches both Business English and everyday English idioms and expressions.

Buy all three of our Business English titles to master nearly 1,000 American English idioms and expressions!

Also be sure to check out our iPhone and iPad apps for Business English.

Will your systems really help me improve my English? Yes! Our methodology for helping you improve your English is backed by the latest research in language learning. Our business English books focus on expressions and idioms. Learning the expressions as a whole piece is proven by research to be an effective way to improve one's English language fluency. Once you’ve learned the expression, you’ll process it mentally as an entire piece, or chunk, the next time you read or hear it. Our books also present vocabulary by theme. Research shows that learning new vocabulary is more effective when the vocabulary is presented this way.

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