More Speak English Like an American

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Improve your spoken English with over 350 American English idioms and expressions

Book & Audio CD set
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More Speak English Like an American brings you another 300+ idioms and expressions you need to know.

Maybe you have already read Speak English Like an American. But this is not a necessary requirement. You can start with this new book, if you like, and work back. This popular ESL book features a new story and new American English idioms and expressions. learning-online-learning-icon.jpg

In More Speak English Like an American, you'll follow the story of an American business as its employees come up with new product ideas, travel to China, throw themselves into office romances, and have exciting adventures. This book contains dozens of exercises and includes hundreds of usage examples, including some from American newspapers. Complete with illustrations and an audio CD of all the dialogues. 

Most books teach classroom English. When it comes to everyday life, this can seem unreal. And make you seem unreal. Our emphasis is on helping you talk, sound, and think like a native speaker. We also help you pick up more native English from movies and TV, newspapers, books, and the Internet. More Speak English Like an American helps you recognize and understand idioms whenever you see or hear them.

This book and CD is great for self-study as well as for classroom use.

In this deluxe book & CD set, you'll find:

  • Over 300 of todays most common American English idioms and expressions
  • Dozens of exercises to help you master the material complete with answer key so you can correct yourself — instantly. No wondering if you were wrong!
  • Extra usage examples of each idiom or phrase
  • Illustrations of many of the idioms — what a great way to remember them!
  • An audio CD with the voices of native speakers of American English


review-icon.pngReviews for More Speak English Like an American

This book is unparalleled. Two things are combined to make a 'very precious jewel' out of this book: a) the dialogue format b) the idioms. — Sirmoney J.

Just what I need. It is composed of good stories with a lot of useful idioms and phrases. I learned a lot! I'm a huge fan of this book. Thank you so much! 
Harry M.

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morespeakenglish-cartoon.jpg"That makes my blood boil."

(One of the many illustrations featured in the ESL book
"More Speak English Like an American.")