Speak English Around Town

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An ESL book that will help you improve your English - everyday

SPEAK ENGLISH AROUND TOWN: Conduct Everyday Conversations with Confidence
Book & Audio CD set

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Speak English with confidence. Learn the right way to say what you mean in dozens of daily situations. Introducing our newest book & audio CD, Speak English Around Town.

Through lively and realistic dialoguesSpeak English Around Town teaches the expressions you need for everyday life. You’ll use these expressions when shopping, dining out, socializing with American friends, traveling, and during dozens of other daily activities.

Speak English Around Town will do more than just improve your vocabulary. It’ll also help you stop making common mistakes when you speak. Through a special Language Lens in each lesson, you’ll master the grammar and structures known to cause trouble for English language learners.

With the audio CD, you’ll hear the way English is really spoken. What a great way to improve your pronunciation!

I really love this book! Speaking a language without using idioms and expressions is neither expressive nor full in meaning. Amy does a great job writing this book because it teaches us the idioms we need for daily life situations. Each lesson presents good stories and the associated idioms and expressions that go with them. Language Lens is a grammar refresher and expression practice followed by quizzes all do a good job to practice what we learned. The audio CD that comes with the book helps the reader with the pronunciation and it can be played over and over again at reader's convenience. - Florian Baltac

 From this book you can learn a lot of most used phrases or idioms. Good organization and good explanation. There is also the app version. So if you have iPad you can consider buying this app which has the same content. I highly recommend it! Zhenxiong Zhang

 The 25 lessons in this book & audio CD include:

  • Returning an Item to the Store
  • Visiting the Doctor
  • Complimenting a Meal
  • Making Excuses

Speak English Around Town Brings You:

  • Over 300 of today’s most common expressions and idioms
  • Important grammar & structural points in each lesson: easy explanations will help you stop making common mistakes when you speak English
  • Clear and easy to understand explanations
  • 50 practice exercises to help you master the material
  • Realistic conversations on everyday topics
  • An audio CD featuring native speakers of English

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Great for self-study and classroom use!

Now also available as an iPad & iPhone app, with 15 lessons and fun videos showing the situations in action: