Speak Business English Like an American

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Business English - here's a great way to improve your Business English - with dozens of realistic business dialogues and an audio CD so you hear how English is really spoken!

Book & Audio CD set
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business-chat.jpgCommunicate like a native speaker of English with
the ultimate guide to today's Business English. As featured in the Wall Street Journal!

American English speakers use many phrases and expressions on the job. If you don't know these expressions, you're left out of the conversation! You're out of it...and nothing makes you feel so like a foreigner. This book & CD will help you speak Business English like an American — quickly and confidently. The set is great for self-study as well as for classroom use.

Communicate better! Understand more.

You'll learn the idioms and expressions you hear at work — no matter where you work or what your job is. What do you coworkers, you customers or clients really mean when they use expressions like pretty penny, in the red, step up to the plate, wishy-washy, and fast followers? How can you use expressions like these too?

This guide to Business English has been praised in top language research journals:
"There are also a few good English slang and idiom books including, Speak Business English Like an American by Amy Gillett"— Journal of Instructional Pedagogies 

Speak Business English Like an American is in use at dozens of university ESL programs: the University of California, Berkeley, the University of California, San Diego, and the Johns Hopkins Business School.

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 Also available as an app: Speak Business English




review-icon.pngReviews for Speak Business English Like an American

I am using Speak Business English Like an American in the classroom and would like to tell you that my students and I are having a great time.  The idioms and expressions are great as well as the dialogues. Thank you for publishing this great learning tool!

— S. Chiew, Saitama, Japan 

Although many of the idioms and expressions Ms. Gillett brings to the page are typical in non-business usage, the huge number of idioms and expressions related to American business English is an asset to any student of this subject. Learning new idioms and expressions is made simple by an easy-to-read dialog that demonstrates (and can be used with a partner) the usage of each idiom, and then is followed by self- or partnered-checking and review. The accompanying CD clarifies pronunciation, rhythm, and intonation ... I highly recommend this text to all who want to fast-track themselves into usage of the American business vernacular.
— W.L Cummins, Business English Instructor, UCSC California

I truly like the everyday conversation and great exercise and quizzes to do well. Elaine H.


Speak Business English Like an American and author Amy Gillett were featured in the Wall Street Journal. Read the article here.

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