Master the American Accent

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Accent reduction system: Master the American Accent - shows you thousands of techniques to reduce your accent and improve your American pronunciation

CD-ROM for Windows/4 Audio CDs/Book
Price: $79.95 (Internet special: $39.95 - SAVE $40 when you buy it now online!) 

Reduce Your Accent with hundreds of proven techniques!

From the author of the bestselling Lose Your Accent in 28 Days system comes an expanded accent reduction system. Featuring a CD-ROM for Windows showing you on VIDEO how to pronounce all the vowel & consonant sounds of American English, this system also has many hours of audio material on 4 audio CDs, covering these key parts of American pronunciation:
● Stress
● Rhythm
● Intonation
● Everyday Speech Patterns 

usa-speech-flag.jpgIf you want a quick accent reduction system, we recommend Lose Your Accent in 28 Days. But if you're looking for more detail, more examples, and comprehensive help, then Master the American Accent™ is the right system for you! In simple language with clear instructions, you'll learn what it takes to speak with an American accent! (NOTE: The CD-ROM is the same for both Master the American Accent and Lose Your Accent in 28 Days. Choose Master the American Accent for a more comprehensive accent reduction system: we do not recommend ordering both Master the American Accent™ and Lose Your Accent in 28 Days if you are ordering for your own personal use as there is duplication in the two systems).

No matter where you came from ... no matter what your age ... no matter what language you spoke first ... Master the American Accent™ will help you speak with an American accent. PLEASE NOTE: The CD-ROM is for Windows and is not MAC Compatible.

judy-ravin.jpgMaster the American Accent™ is powered by the Ravin Method™ — the rapid accent-reduction system that’s winning acclaim everywhere. You may have seen Judy and her students on NBC Nightly News, heard her on NPR and CBS Radio, and read about her in the New York Times, USA Today,the Los Angeles Times, and the International Herald Tribune. 

Judy and her expert team from the Accent Reduction Institute have worked with students from more than 50 countries to discover the secrets and shortcuts of the Ravin Method™. Learn at home, at the office, and on the go. The Ravin Method™ was developed over many years so you can learn in months. The system is clear and easy-to-follow. 

Reap all the personal and professional benefits of speaking with command and confidence. Impress and influence people. Advance your career. Enrich your American experience. That’s the power of the Ravin Method™ and Master the American Accent™. 

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MASTER THE AMERICAN ACCENT™ is complete. There are are no extras to buy. You get all this with your system:

  • A CD-ROM with hundreds of video clips. See and hear how to position your mouth to make those difficult vowel and consonant sounds. (Only a system with video can show you how!)
  • FOUR Audio CDs, with hours of practice. Learn stress, rhythm, intonation, and everyday speech patterns. Practice with hundreds of common words and phrases. Listen, repeat, and master. Improve your pronunciation and feel your confidence soar.
  • A user-friendly Workbook. Practice makes your learning easier, as you gain confidence and momentum. If clear communication is your goal, Master the American Accent™ is for you!


Why do people choose this system over the others?

  • Most accent reduction training systems have audio only. It is very helpful to see the instructor's mouth so you know how to position your own mouth to make the sounds correctly.
  • Systems that use a video-cassette or DVD do not allow you the incredible flexibility of being able to click with your mouse on the sounds you need to practice...and click over and over again until you've mastered the target sound.
  • Many systems are complicated and difficult to use. After a few chapters, many people just give up in frustration. Master the American Accent is clear and user-friendly so you look forward to studying every day.
NOTE: This system featues a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM is not software and you will not be required to download anything. Flash Player is contained within the CD-ROM. The program will launch automatically once you put the CD-ROM into your drive. Minimum system requirements for Windows version: 600 MHz Intel Pentium III processor or equivalent. Works with: Windows Vista, Windows 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows Millennium, or Windows XP 128 MB RAM (256 MB recommended).