American College Slang (Ebook)

American College Slang

Learn the slang and idioms spoken at today's colleges and universities in the USA and other English speaking countries. This guide to American English slang and idioms teaches over 360 useful terms that will help you succeed in school. Learn English in context through everyday scenarios. 

Make friends with Americans by speaking with more confidence. Talk to your professors with ease. Have a great college experience with this essential new companion. 

Author Amy Gillett wrote the bestselling ESL book series Speak English Like an American. This is her first book designed for the college-bound, current college students and for all fans of the English language who want to learn some new American English slang & idioms! Click here for a free preview of American College Slang for Kindle!

Lessons in this guide include:

  • Making Plans for the Evening
  • Asking Someone Out
  • Making Friends
  • Going Out to Eat
  • Ordering Take-out

Expressions taught in this book include: crunch time, stay woke, buzzkill, chillax, cram for, freak out, freshman fifteen, go ghost on ... and hundreds more!

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