Business English Power Verbs app

Business English Power Verbs App: A great app for improving your English!

Want to speak better English at work? The Business English Power Verbs businessenglishpowerverbs.pngapp will help you master 101 of the most important Business English verbs.

Learn to use verbs like leverage, tout, exhort, and skyrocket just like a native speaker. Listen to each verb and repeat after speaker, a native of the USA. Two sentence examples are given for each verb – complete with audio so you can listen and repeat. Two sets of exercises let you test your new knowledge and get immediate feedback.

- Master 101 key business English verbs
- Listen to proper pronunciation
- Read and hear realistic usage examples
- Take quizzes and get immediate feedback

 bepv-flashcard.jpg Flashcards show the target word on one side, then flip it over for the definition plus two usage examples. 
 bepv-fill.jpg Two sets of quizzes help you master the material. Take the Fill It In quiz to practice your new vocabulary. The app gives you immediate feedback and a score for each quiz.
 bepv-matchit.jpg Pick the best match and get your score immediately! Each quiz is randonly generated so there are thousands of potential quiz sets to take!
 bepv-allwords.jpg The "All Words" feature lets you study all of the vocabulary. Tap the speaker to hear how the word is pronounced. Tap the word for a definition and examples. A fast and fun way to improve your business English!

itunes-download.png Business English Power Verbs